Growing Medical Marijuana Outdoors


Outdoor marijuana or cannabis growing is the tried and true method for cultivating quality cannabis. Outdoor growing can be done by people who want to grow large amounts of marijuana for cooperative distribution or people who want to grow small amounts for personal use. To get started please reference the following topics:

• The reasons to grow marijuana outdoors
• How to grow medical marijuana outdoors
• Supplies for outdoor Marijuana growers

This introduction to outdoor growing will help you start growing your very own all natural, fully
organic cannabis.

Before you start your outdoor grow you should research the best seeds or strains  ideally suited for your geographic location, and needs as a medical marijuana patient or care giver.  Being diligent in your planning will result in greater success down the line, with much fewer problems or issues.

Why grow medical marijuana outdoors?

There many benefits to growing cannabis outdoors, including stronger plants that require less attention, but the primary reason growers choose to grow outdoors is the assurance that their cannabis will be all natural and organic.

However, outdoor cannabis growing does come with added hazards. As we stated in our article on indoor cannabis cultivation one of the primary reason that growers choose indoor grow spaces over natural outdoor spaces is discretion. Despite loosening laws regarding cannabis cultivation in many states, the cops are not the only threat to your crops. Outdoor cannabis cultivation comes with added danger of theft or vandalization of crops, as well as susceptibility to natural threats like extreme weather and wildlife.

Growing outdoors is both cheaper and less labor intensive, but outdoor growers need to practice discretion and be prepared to deal with the external and natural threats to which outdoor plants are susceptible.

How to grow medical marijuana outdoors

The first thing an outdoor grower of cannabis should consider is the climate in which he or she will grow their plants. It’s possible to grow cannabis in almost every hospitable climate on the planet; it’s even possible to grow cannabis as far north as Alaska and Nova Scotia as long as you know which strain of cannabis you are growing. White widow and northern lights are two popular cold-climate strains.

Soil quality is of equal importance for the successful outdoor cultivation of cannabis. Soil with a pH balance of 7.0 is ideal; soil should also be tight to the touch, but loose enough to break apart easily to allow water absorption. Some growers choose to germinate their seeds indoors before planting them outdoors, but that is up to the grower. Many outdoor growers simply plant their seeds right in the ground, forgoing any sort of prior preparation.

Supplies for outdoor Marijuana growers

For outdoor cannabis cultivation, you will need certain tools and supplies.

• a discreet, sunny space
• other crops to help hide your cannabis plants (corn and hops are popular choices)
• a method for watering
• a curing/drying space (a ventilated shed or heated boxes can be used)

As you can see, outdoor cannabis cultivation requires far less equipment than indoor cannabis cultivation. If you have trouble with your soil, you might consider fertilizer or methods for growing outdoors with store bought soil [hyperlinks to articles on these topics], but doing things the all natural way doesn’t require a whole lot of bells and whistles.

And as always, before you consider supplies, be sure to read up on the legislature regarding cannabis cultivation in your state; never grow until you completely understand your state’s laws about cannabis cultivation. Also, a good guide never hurts, so here’s a few excellent resources. [hyperlink to reviews of particularly good guide books]

Marijuana Growing Tip

The most common problem that inexperienced growers run into is the wilting or scarring of their plants due to over-watering and over-fertilization. The best thing you can do for your plants is to pay very close attention to them. The more work you put into your cannabis plants, the better your results will be.

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by Dr. MJ