Growing Medical Marijuana

Growing Medical Marijuana

Growing Medical Marijuana

Welcome to, a comprehensive resource for growers of legal cannabis in the United States. In order to get started, every grower of legal cannabis in the US should ask him or herself three basic questions:

What kind of cannabis should I grow?

What growth medium will work best for me?

Before you begin, research the legislation on cannabis cultivation and possession in your state.

Although cannabis is considered a Schedule 1 drug by the federal government, many states have passed legislation to decriminalize both the cultivation and possession of cannabis, particularly for medicinal purposes. For instance, in 1996 California introduced the Compassionate Use Act that allows patients with valid prescriptions to possess and cultivate marijuana for personal use or cooperative distribution. As a result, legally grown cannabis now accounts for over $14 billion of California’s annual revenue, making it the state’s most profitable crop.

Other states such as Rhode Island, Colorado, and New Jersey have also passed similar legislation, and advocates for the legalization of cannabis cultivation and use are active in almost every state in the US. Be sure to check your state’s cannabis cultivation laws before you grow.

 What kind of medical marijuana should I grow?

You’ve checked the legislation and figured out what’s within the law for your state, but before you start to grow, there’s a few very basic things you should know about growing cannabis.

Start by figuring out exactly what kind of cannabis you want to grow. There are three primary species: C. sativa, C. indica, and C. ruderalis. Female plants of the sativa and inidica species can grow as tall as 4 meters and female sativa or indica plants produce flowers that range from 1-23% in THC content. C. ruderalis is a smaller species of the plant that will only produce trace amounts of THC, but home growers often crossbreed ruderalis with sativas and indicas for discreet growing as these strains, produce smaller plants that are easier to maintain.

Knowing how much you’ll want to grow, as well as where and how you’ll want to grow it, are essential for knowing what kind of  cannabis you should grow.

Where and how should I grow my cannabis?

Once you’ve researched cannabis legislation in your state and chosen a species of cannabis best suited for your growing purposes, consider your resources and choose a growing medium.

The growth of healthy, productive cannabis plants may be simple, but it is by no means easy. As with any other horticultural enterprise, it requires a distinct level of planning and care. Some things you’ll want to consider:

the difference between indoor and outdoor growing

the pH and nutrient levels of your soil

the regulation of the artificial or natural light your plants receive

how your specific climate or growth method could affect your plants

As state restrictions on home and commercial cannabis cultivation loosen, the market for cannabis growing equipment and related products has become saturated with companies offering innovative growing systems, fertilizers, and seeds. That said, you’ll want to choose your equipment and your seeds carefully. Use the product reviews on to learn which products will help you grow the best cannabis possible.

Growing Medical Marijuana

On our site, you will find all the resources you need in order to grow healthy, legal cannabis, including reviews of popular cannabis growing equipment and tutorials for upstart growers. GrowingMedical will also give you the opportunity to talk shop with other growers and show off the fruits of your labor.

by Dr. MJ