Indoor Medical Marijuana Growing

Indoor Medical Marijuana Growing

Indoor cannabis growing

Is one of the fastest growing and most popular ways to cultivate cannabis. Indoor growing can be done by people who want to grow large amounts of cannabis for cooperative distribution or people who want to grow small amounts for personal use.  Having an indoor medical marijuana garden is a lot of hard work.  To help you along with your indoor growing we will we examine:

The reasons growers grow medical marijuana indoors
How to grow cannabis indoors
What supplies indoor cannabis growers will need

This introduction to indoor marijuana growing will help you get started growing quality cannabis in the
comfort of your own home.

Why grow medical marijuana indoors?

Although there are some drawbacks to growing medical marijuana  indoors (weaker plants with more flimsy stalks), there are also many benefits.

One of the primary reasons that growers choose indoor grow spaces over natural outdoor spaces is discretion. Despite loosening laws regarding cannabis cultivation in many states, the cops are not the only threat to your crops. Outdoor cannabis cultivation comes with added danger of theft or vandalization of crops, as well as susceptibility to natural threats like extreme weather and wildlife.

Growing marijuana indoors requires more work and additional equipment, but growing cannabis indoors also allows the grower both discretion and more control over the plants’ environment, which is paramount to growing quality cannabis.

How to grow medical marijuana indoors

There are two primary methods for growing marijuana indoors:

• soil-based
• hydroponic

In soil-based indoor cannabis cultivation, the grower tries to recreate, or improve upon, the natural environmental conditions present in outdoor cannabis cultivation. This includes the chemistry of the soil, light cycles, and conditions like temperature and humidity.

In hyrdoponic cannabis cultivation, the grower uses water to convey nutrients to the cannabis plant’s root system. Hydroponic cultivation is more complicated, and thus more time consuming and expensive than soil-based cultivation, but it offers an improved control over the nutrients that feed your plants.

What you will need to grow marijuana indoors?

For both soil-based indoor cultivation and hydroponic indoor cultivation, you will need certain tools and supplies.

• a clean workspace (this means clean hands!)
• a warm, dark, temperature regulated place
• quality seeds
• soil with a pH balance of 6.5
• 400-1000 watt high pressure sodium lamp(s)
• timer for lights
• oscillating fan(s)
• pH testers and adjusters for soil
• matt white paint or white plastic to cover walls of grow space

Hydroponic (additional):
• NFT tank w/pump and spreader mat
• rockwool cubes
• pH tester for water
• nutrient feed solutions
• pH adjuster
• water and feed solution with a pH balance of 5.2-6.0

Before you consider supplies, be sure to read up on the legislature regarding cannabis cultivation in your state; never grow until you completely understand your state’s laws about cannabis cultivation. Also, a good guide never hurts, so here’s a few excellent resources on growing marijuana indoors for beginners


The most common problem that inexperienced growers run into is the wilting or scarring of their plants due to over-watering and over-fertilization. The best thing you can do for your plants is to pay very close attention to them, the more work you put into your cannabis plants, the better your results will be.


by Dr. MJ