How long does it take to grow Weed

How long does it take to grow weed

How long does it take to grow weed?

Just as growers must consider different types of soil, feed, and light cycles for different strains of cannabis, different strains of cannabis will take longer or shorter to grow depending on your growing conditions and attention to detail.  Although there is no concrete length for how long it takes to grow weed, it is important to have a time frame in mind for your crop so you can accurately monitor your progress. At the very least, you must understand the different stages of cannabis growth.

Understanding the cannabis grow cycle will not only help you estimate approximately when your plants will be ready for harvest, but it will also help you understand what care they require throughout the different stages of their development.

The Cannabis Life Cycle

The time it will take to grow your weed depends largely on what kind of weed it is and the conditions and care you provide your plants. Generally, outdoor plants will take longer to grow, as you will have less control over the grow environment.

Whether growing indoors or outdoors, you should be able to grow fully flowering marijuana plants within 3-6 months.

Below is a break down answering the question how long does it take to grow weed.

Germination (3-10 Days)

Germination occurs before the seed is even planted and drastically speeds up your grow process. There are many different germination methods, but during the germinal stage the seed casing will split open and the clear radical (or embryonic) root will emerge.

Germination is complete once the two cotyledons unfold, two small embryonic shoots that are green when healthy and rife with chlorophyl. When the germinal stage is complete, your seeds are ready to be planted.

Seedling (4-6 Weeks)

During the seedling stage, the initial shoot will grow and more leaves will emerge in opposing patterns on either side of the shoot. The size and serration of each leaf will increase throughout the seedling stage.

Vegetative Growth (2-4 Months)

The vegetative growth stage is the period of maximum growth for your marijuan plants. During this stage, plants will grow 1″-2″ inches a day on average, but some plants have been recorded as growing 6″ a day during the vegetative stage.

During this stage, larger, denser branches begin to occur and leaf orientation changes from opposite growth to alternating growth.

Flowering (6-12 Weeks)

This period varies greatly from strain to strain and also depends on your crop’s photoperiod. At the outset of the flowering stage, white hairs will appear on buds all over your plants, when these hairs turn orange, red, or brown, your plants are ready to be harvested.



The photoperiod of your plants refers to the amount of light they receive per day. How you manage your plants’ photoperiod depends on whether you are growing indoors or outdoors and largely effects the speed of your plants’ growth.

Growing Marijuana Indoors

In indoor growing, you control your plants’ photoperiod. During the vegetative stage, you’ll want your plants to receive light for longer portions of the day, while during the flowering stage, you’ll want to create longer stretches of darkness to mimic the natural shortening of the days that takes place in outdoor growing.  Twelve hours light 12 hours dark is generally a good indoor light cycle for flowering.

You’ll find that most buds and flowers appear during the longer periods of “night” you create for your plants toward the end of the growing cycle.

Growing Marijuana Outdoors

In outdoor growing, you do not control the photoperiod of your plants. How you manage your plants’ grow cycle will depend on where and when you grow.

Far north of the equator, winter growers will find that growing slows when the days get shorter; plants grown with minimal sunlight will yield less flowers.

In more equatorial climates, where days do not shorten as early in the Autumn as in the northern climates, it will take longer for your plants to complete the flowering stage, as they will not have the long nights they need to flower until later in the season.

After you Grow – Trimming and curing Marijuana 

Just because you’ve harvested, that doesn’t mean you’re finished. After you pick and trim your buds, slowly allowing your weed to dry out is important if you want to maintain maximum flavor and smell.  If you rush the drying process your buds will small like hay, or dried grass clippings.

Drying, curing, and cutting your cannabis usually takes 1-2 weeks depending on your method and how much you grow.


by Dr. MJ